Teresa shares adorable pic of dad and his little girl.

on Dec 19, 2013 - The Dish0

Houses and hair aren't the only things they like big in Jersey - apparently selecting a Christmas tree is also an occasion to show off one's fabulosity.

Today Teresa Giudice revealed her 15-foot tall Christmas tree on Instagram but, the tree was just the backdrop for the real stars of the photo.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey mother of four caught a tender moment between her husband Joe and their youngest daughter Audriana.

"Love Love Love this photo of Audriana and her Daddy," Teresa captioned the photo of Audriana standing on a ladder to give her father a kiss.

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I think it's pretty disgusting the way the woman on this show turn on each other as soon as they find a weak link, Teresa I wish you and your family all the very best I am not a follower of yours, but I will say this, you are an amazing wife and Joe should count his blessings, you stood by him though thick and thin, held your head high and kept a smile on your face, and those turncoats including @Andy who bad mouthed you for saying your Jewish friends wouldn't of stayed with their husbands, are fools, they the ones that read money into the comment, I don't think a lot of woman would stay with a husband who nearly destroyed his family regardless of the money, as always you are about family and of all the housewives, you are the one who has shown what family 1st really means...I hope all your financial woes are sorted out and you can return to a normal life. All the best for 2014 for you, Joe and your little family.


Joe should get top billing, he's as much or more than any other housewife.