Omid is out, and her new guy is "perfect."

on Apr 11, 2013 - The Dish0

Shahs of Sunset star "GG" Gharachendaghi has a new man in her life and it’s serious.

The self-proclaimed Persian Princess has ended her admittedly rocky engagement to Omid Kalantari and is in lurve with someone else, according to Wetpaint, who caught up with GG at Bravo's Upfront.

“It’s done,” GG said of her relationship with Omid. “I’m with an amazing man right now and I’m hoping by the end of the year to be pregnant and ready to get married to him. His name is Sean Sette. He’s perfect.”


Wow! Maybe GG will be the first Shahs star to have a spinoff show! We’re thinking Don't Be Tardy for the Big Fat Persian Wedding. (We kid. We kid.) 


Can anyone tell me when Season 3 of Shahs is starting?? I can't seem to find any info anywhere. Thanks


Posted my comment on wrong blog. Wee Ll word of advice to the new Bo. Enter into this relationship cautiously. GG is a very troubled young lady. If she continues her therapy I think as tough as it will be thing can be fine. Deep down there is a person that wants to be liked. Hopefully this seasons episodes we'll see more of the nicer side oh GG. Don't plat to the camera. Acting and speaking like an animal is never becoming to anyone. There is enough hate recently We need to see more compassion for each other.