Plus: Bethenny Frankel steps out with a new man, Kenya Moore reveals baby plans, and more.

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Babies, babies, babies! If anything dominated the news this week, it was our Bravolebs sharing all sorts of updates on their children. Kim Zolciak debuted the first pictures of her adorable twins, Gail Simmons welcomed her first baby girl, and Kenya Moore opened up about wanting to start a family in 2014. Plus: Mama Joyce spoke out about her relationship with Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker and Bethenny Frankel stepped out with a mysterious new beau. Read on for all the news and gossip you may have missed this week.

Kim Debuts Her Twins
Kim Zolciak finally let the world catch a first glimpse of her adorable newborns Kane Ren and Kaia. She also shared details on their budding personalities, calling her boy the "calm" one and her girl a "diva hunni."

Mama Joyce Speaks Out
Kandi Burruss has had a strained relationship with her mother Joyce this season on RHOA: her mother doesn't believe Kandi's fiancé Todd Tucker has been faithful to his bride-to-be. But she finally opened up about why she's suspicious of her future son-in-law—but also promised that she's going to back off for the time being and focus on "repairing my relationship with my daughter."

Gail Simmons Welcomes a Girl
Top Chef judge Gail Simmons welcomed her first child Dahlia Rae into the word just before the New Year. Gail and her husband Jeremy Abrams' first child weighed a healthy 7 lbs, 3oz., and "mother, father and baby are doing wonderfully," Gail's rep shared.

Kenya Moore Planning a "Modern Family"
Sure, she's currently single, but Kenya Moore has plans to start a family on her mind. The RHOA star revealed she hopes to have a child in 2014. "I'm going to do in vitro," she said. "I just have to figure out whose sperm to use! I have some options. I wouldn't mind having a modern family."

Bethenny Frankel: New Love Interest?
Bethenny Frankel may have just ended her marriage to Jason Hoppy in 2013, but she's not going to stay single forever. The talk show host was spotted in Miami for New Year's eve celebrations with a hunky new man identified by various news outlets as New York financier Michael Cerussi III. Way to go, Bethenny!


Michael Ceruss, lll, run as fast as you can away from bethenny frankel.  the chick is crazy.  Ask Jason, if you don't believe me.


Mama Joyce doesn't tell the truth. She lied about the wedding dress incident so she probably lies a lot. And I haven't heard her once say anything about Riley being taken care of just her. She even goes and talks to Phaedra and Phaedra has to reassure her that a will takes precedent over a spouse if anything should happen to Kandi. Wake up Kandi your Mom just wants your money she's concerned for her welfare not yours or her granddaughters. The look on her face when she said she was done with you, you could tell she was afraid she went too far. Probably worried she may have cut her own throat so she started backpedaling and reworded it with she was not going to involve herself in your business, blah blah blah blah.


Mama Joyce would have to due a heck of a lot more than just try to mend things if she were my mother. You act like you're crazy drunk at Kandi and Todd's house and it just continues. Then you lie and say you were just kidding and that Carman was threatening to beat you up! How does anyone defend themselves against someone who is willing to lie to make themselves look justified for behaving badly? Mama Joyce is a self centered, sorry ass liar. Kandi should keep her distance. Mama Joyce isn't concerned about Kandis best interests she wants her money and control of Kandis life as well.