Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad says Jackie is channeling Reese Witherspon, Toya is in Messyville, and that Kari is no victim.

on May 5, 2013

I am still high from my Pups in Paris party to benefit the Canine Assistant Foundation last episode and now the principal, Dr. Jackie, has summoned us to attend a Lemon Squeeze.

Dr. Jackie is seriously the next runner-up for the best and number one impersonation of the movie Legally Blonde (minus the snap). She has gone from Mother Teresa to Reese Witherspoon all in one episode.

Kari, once again is the victim. Can somebody call 911 and keep them on speed dial for Mrs. Kari?

I thought you were Married to Medicine and a smart business woman who should have hired a crew to clean up after the party was over. VICTIM! VICTIM! VICTIM! Can somebody please call Wyclef Jones on the Twitter (@Wyclefjones) to call 911 for this VICTIM?

And THEY say I am the puppet. #Confused Tell me why Dr. Simone do you continue to allow Dr. Jackie to belittle you. I thought you were a grown woman. #Drinktothat

Dr. Simone, I believe in good times. So if you desire to reek of brew or your adult beverage of choice, you work and play hard. Honey, ain't nothing wrong to reprise Ned the wino's character on Good Times and Uncle Woody of Sanford. It's a free country and it's homecoming!