Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik discusses finally making the difficult sale of 16 Warren, and teaches us 'The Little Frog's Dance.'

on Apr 17, 2014

I love this Episode because by selling 16 Warren, I proved to myself that I could conquer the impossible, or at least the very difficult. The apartment has been on the market for almost six years, with six different brokers, and now it is sold. Finally! In some of the previous brokers' defense:

A) The seller's expectations were unrealistic due to the high monthlies.

B) The market is much better now.

Yes, the market is so good right now that new developments are popping up everywhere, in fact, next door, which made it very difficult at the end for me. High monthlies were one thing, which I hedged for with lowering the price, but having your four terraces being compromised while construction is going on next door was a difficult one to overcome. As brokers, we need to sell, sell, sell to the buyers, but a lot of times push, push, push with our sellers simulatenously to bring them down to a realistic place in price where there is actually a ready, willing and interested buyer with money. This Episode focused on the difficulties I had convincing the seller to come down, and I didn't give up. For anyone out there in sales I hope I can inspire, and next time you do have a difficult deal in your hands, hopefully you can think: "What would Fredrik do?"

For the record, I do think the buyer of 16 Warren will make a ton of money there in a few years, when the building next door is finished and the residential area there in general is booming even more. I always loved the apartment, but when selling real estate it's important to detach yourself emotionally from the property and transaction, play the devil's advocate, and beat the deal until it's duly executed and closed.