Ryan Serhant

Ryan won't throw the first punch, but he will defend himself when someone like Luis does.

on Apr 25, 2014

When I went into the 7th grade, I went into a new school. My parents moved a lot, and it was the fifth school I had been to in as many years, so I was accustomed to making new friends. But in 7th grade, on the bus home from my new school one day, a bully punched me because I had my shirt tucked in. My new school didn't have a dress code, but my dad did. It didn't help that I was maybe the skinniest kid in my grade and I didn't play sports.

I didn't fight back.

When I got off the bus and got home, my dad asked me if I was OK, but more importantly, he asked who threw the first punch. He wasn't angry that I had been in a fight, but he was angry that I didn't fight back. He told me to never throw the first punch, but once hit, to throw the second with such force that the bully would know to leave me alone forever. Otherwise, the bully would never stop.

I want to make it very clear that in this week's episode, I did not throw the first punch. I am a real estate broker, at a broker's open house for a building, speaking to the owner of the building. I wasn't trying to steal Luis' listing. I was talking to the owner of a very large building because that's what you're supposed to do. Do you think Joe Biden gets mad when members of Congress speak to Obama?

So I was very surprised when Luis, who invited me in the first place, decided to throw the first punch and out of nowhere take out my pocket square and tell me he's going to "break my f---ing teeth in"...for speaking to the owner of the building who was speaking to every broker in the room (this is a broker's open house...).