Tribble Reese

Tribble explains why he decided to text Africa -- and why he'll be able to "enjoy the view" better than Vawn will.

on Oct 1, 2013

It's Week 3 y'all. Hope everyone had a chance to watch the show and is enjoying it. I feel like you are getting to see more of who I am!

OK, so from aside from all of the cat fighting/drama that is happening between Africa and Alex when the episode begins, does anyone else see Vawn taking advantage of an upset girl! Damn, no wonder I never really had a chance with Africa. If I had been the only male figure in the situation trying to make amends, OF COURSE it would have been easy to ask the vulnerable Africa out and get her out of that situation. OK, rant over.

Now, when we move to the bar scene where I am talking to Justin, I try to really get a feel of what he is thinking about with Emily. I have known Justin and Emily for a long time now, and they have been off and on in the past, but never have they gone this long being "off." Emily's parents might want Justin to be a "certain way," but I have never met a dude with a bigger heart. Even though he looks rough and tough like Detroit, he has a soft side that he truly shares to a girl he cares about. I think Emily realizes this when she says, "Is there still a future with Justin and I . . .maybe?" I think deep down these two have a deep affliction for each other.