Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss dishes on her reunion dress drama.

on Apr 24, 2014

Bravotv.com: What was going through your mind the night before the reunion?
Kandi Burruss: I was dealing with wedding stuff and telling myself not to let anyone upset me, because my wedding was the following week and the last thing I needed was to be fighting with them.
Bravotv.com: Tell us about your reunion outfit. How did you choose it? Do you have any sort of strategy for selecting reunion outfits? What happened to your original dress selection?
Kandi Burruss: Eric Archibald styled most of us for the reunion. I always hate the process, because I never like the way the dresses look on me. I'm short, so I really hate having to wear long dresses. This year we originally had a Versace dress picked, but right when it was time for me to walk to set, my zipper broke. It delayed taping and everybody was like where is Kandi!? Of course it looked like Kandi is late AGAIN, but it wasn't even my fault this time. We decided to use my second dress option, but I'm glad we did, because I got lots of compliments on the second dress.