Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa reflects on being in trouble once again and wishes the ladies understood the business pressures she's under.

on Jan 28, 2014

Hope you all have had a good weekend mine was spent at a wedding which was wonderful. Anyway let's see, now what do we have. . .

We see Kim at her autograph signing, which was a poignant scene, full of memories from her past and embracing the people that came to support her. I liked to see that as having grown up in England I am not too familiar with her past.

When we witness Carlton preparing for the party, I loved the fact that we see a different side of her interacting with her children, and I wish we had more of that. Her girls remind me of Pandora when she was that age.

Carlton's party was quite amusing really. I probably have seen most things, having had clubs in Soho and West Hollywood so it wasn't that surprising to me. But for Beverly Hills it was a little risque, shall we say.

Normally gift bags are not from Hustler, but I love the fact that Carlton has the courage of her convictions and really doesn't give a flying fig what others think.

Oh dear, here we go again. I am once more criticized for encouraging my "friend" to take her broken hand to hospital before the knuckle drops and it ends up deformed. I urged her girlfriend to take her as she was being so stubborn with me, but now it was up to her. Then viewing her calling me "motherf---er," I get the point.