Yolanda H. Foster

Yolanda discusses her citizenship, what Lisa did that inspired her, and touches on the deep dynamics of Brandi and Lisa's friendship.

on Feb 10, 2014

Hello Bravo Lovers! As you all know, we did film the reunion this week but won't be able to discuss details until the end of our season. Please know that everyone had valid points, feelings were shared, apologies made, and hopefully we are now able to focus on moving on and contininuing to share our experiences with you and create new memories.

So on to tonight's episode!

When I watch myself at breakfast with Mohamed and Shiva I feel a great sense of accomplishment, because after all the ups and downs in our 20 year relationship, we were always able to stay united and focused on the most important thing in our lives which is our three children together. At the end of the day, their happiness is our number one priority. Shiva is a good woman who loves my children and she is a great addition to our big unconventional family.

Due to my profession, I have always been very disciplined about my diet but in the past 18 months even more so due to my battle with Lyme disease. I have learned that the spirochete bacterium feeds off of sugar, carbs, and gluten so unfortunately croissants and all that good stuff is off-limits for me. To be honest, at this point it has become a lifestyle rather than a diet -- and a small price to pay for feeling good.

It was nice to finally see another dimension of Carlton in her role as the wife of her successful husband David, who runs his prominent family business in Beverly Hills. It's obvious to me why she does not want to have Kyle there after what happened last week. The anti-Semitic label was extremely hurtful and could have severe repercussions for their family business. Obviously this incident was strictly between the two woman -- and neither Mauricio or David and his family had anything to do with this.