Lea Black

Lea thinks Lisa's event was the craziest party she's ever attended.

on Oct 29, 2012

Lenny - always have your parties on Saturday so you can confirm everything is done on Saturday morning instead of after work on Friday. It will be less stressful! And thanks for moving it to Friday to accommodate the Blacks Annual Gala.

Alexia - you didn't miss a thing. Ha.

Marta - the truth sets you free, ha ha!

Joe - it's never a dull moment -- and he does have a heart of gold.

James - good looking man, pretty lady, thanks, Lisa, for inviting him. What would a party be like without a pool splash?

One last thing, Lisa, your biggest drama of the night wasn't the music! Hello?

Things to think about this week:

Make it a goal in life to be invited to a near-nude Miami party at a mansion hosted by a boob god and his greatest creation.

And can you believe Lady Gaga was tweeting about RHOM?

Spread the love and keep the peace and #don't deal with stupid!