Lisa Hochstein

Lisa didn't like some of Joanna's comments about her Miami friends.

on Sep 23, 2013

I was happy to help Joanna plan her wedding and finally get a much-needed girls’ trip.
I obviously have not mastered the art of packing. Lea loves to tease me about it. We were there for five days, and since LA is not my second home like Jo and Lea, I had to have options!

I was impressed with Joanna’s California life. She's seems to be in her element. She has a beautiful home, her family, close friends, and zoo there. This is the first time I've ever been to Joanna’s LA home or got to spend this much time with her. We really had a chance to bond. The walls Joanna puts up came down. I especially adore Joanna's mother. She's a strong, smart woman, very down-to-earth. She almost reminds me of my family in Canada. I would love to see her going on dates! She deserves to get pounded like a chicken cutlet every now and again also!

The car ride up to the Aviara Park Hyatt should have had its very own episode. You didn’t even see the whole journey, but it was just us girls bonding, being silly, and getting lost! This is my kind of fun -- lighthearted and silly.