Nicole Napolitano

Nicole Napolitano explains why she wanted to move forward with Amber Marchese.

on Aug 22, 2014

Hi everyone,

Sorry this blog is so late I’m really going to try my best to get it in early next time, so it can be up first thing Monday morning. 

It was great to finally get an apology. Going back to that night and remembering how I felt, it was a really good feeling to forgive and let go. I truly feel what I said in my interview: "Bitterness is leprosy to the soul." At this point weeks had gone on with a lot of hurt , lies, and deceit, and with all the anger that I had towards Amber also came deep hurt. Once it involves my family, then it must end. Again I always feel people make mistakes, and if they are really sincere, they should be forgiven. So I left that café after our long conversation feeling really happy we were in a much better place and actually feeling hopeful for our friendship. It was hard for me to go back to that happy place this week due to the negativity in Amber's blogs this season and both Amber and Jim's comments on social media. There's a difference between right and raunchy, and my children do not need to be subjected to their vile and inherently evil comments. Especially since my children loved and respected my boyfriend, Gary! So my advice to Dina, since you are separated or may date a man who is separated, is make sure the Marcheses don't call you a “home wrecker” next season.

I enjoyed watching this week’s episode. I love watching my family interact. Watching the scene with Teresa driving with my nephew Giovanni made me laugh, because that is so going to be me in the car once my boys start driving. (By the way I’m so proud of my son Anthony, who just got a 90 on his written driving test. He will be getting his permit shortly.) Rino totally cracks me up all the time. Everything he says is crazy funny. Seeing my dad with his cute little shoe covers was adorable, because that’s so my dad…he’s so anal! He’s a brilliant man and knows this business like the back of his hand. I was waiting for him to say, "I'm going to have a cigarette." But then I realized he was already smoking, LOL!