Lauri Peterson

Lauri gives you an update on her life, ponders what to do with wedding rings after divorce, and wishes Tamra and Eddie the best.

on May 21, 2013

Hi everyone! I'VE MISSED YOU!!! Time has been moving at lightening speed since I left Housewives four years ago. Recently I've been finding that I have more time on my hands now that five of our seven children are adults. George and I are slowly drifting into a different phase of our lives and now find ourselves preparing to be empty nesters. We are more like spectators versus managers of our adult children as they carve out their own paths. With only two daughters at home, I have more time to goof off!

Over the past four years, I have occasionally run into the women, usually in shopping malls, but other than the cordial small talk, I really never got caught up with any of them. So, when I got an invitation from Tamra to help her pick out a wedding band for Eddie, I was really excited to catch up with her and hear about everything that I had missed out on over the past few years.

It was really good seeing Tamra and once we started chatting, it seemed like old times and nothing had changed. . .except for the fact that everything had changed! The last time that I spent with Tamra, she appeared happily married to Simon. Since that time she has gone through all these serious life-altering changes! So imagine how I felt when I walked into the jewelry store. Was I supposed to mention the past or just dive into the present?